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Augustine Institute Catholic Distance Education

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Augustine Institute students discuss intensive courses

Distance Education Student

Busy mother, school teacher and student, Tamara, speaks about the flexibility of Augustine Institute Catholic Distance Education.

Augustine Institute Distance Education

The Augustine Institute uses modern media technology to impart ancient wisdom. Our Distance Education program is setting the standard in graduate Catholic theological education. Located in the heart of the Denver Tech Center, the Institute employs the most advanced technologies in video production and online delivery, and is staffed by a professional production team whose accomplishments include Symbolon and YDisciple.

Making Distance Education Personal

The distance education students of the Augustine Institute are members of a community of learners and fully-integrated with our on-campus program. Distance students watch the same lectures as our on-campus students and participate in discussions with them and with our faculty through our course management system. Institute faculty are known for their willingness to converse with and advise our distance education students.

In addition, many of our distance education students come to Denver for week-long intensive courses, during which they have the chance to experience the life of the Institute first-hand.

On-Demand Video Instruction

Class lectures are available the same week of the recording, offering distance education students the opportunity to watch the lectures at their own convenience. Video recordings can be accessed at your computer or mobile device for later use from the course website. We provide friendly and professional technical support to help you navigate the technology and tools.

State of the Art Learning Tools

The program features the most advanced online tools for course interaction and resources. The course management system allows students to…

  • View course outlines and syllabi
  • Interact with fellow students through a dynamic message board
  • Participate in live video discussion sessions
  • Submit course work and tests using a variety of media including Word docs, pdf’s, audio and video
  • View progress at any time

Technical Requirements

The new delivery method will require the following technological capabilities from our students:

  1. a computer less than 5 years old,
  2. a web camera,
  3. an Internet connection with download speeds of 1.5 Mbps (check your speed at a site like speedtest.net),


The cost of our Distance Education program is $1575 per class (beginning Fall, 2014).


Students typically find that an additional 3-to-5 hours of study time is required for each course each week. Thus, a student enrolled in a three-credit-hour course should plan to devote 6-to-8 hours per week to the course.

Is the Augustine Institute for You?

Our students include catechists, recent college graduates, parents, lay leaders, educators, clergy and religious, and Catholics from a variety of professions. Whether you are seeking personal enrichment, catechetical certification, continuing education credits or a graduate degree in Theology, the Augustine Institute is your resource for growing in your Catholic faith.