Augustine Institute Faculty: Christopher O. Blum, Ph.D.

Christopher Blum

Christopher O. Blum, Ph.D.

Professor of History and Philosophy
Academic Dean


Philosophy of Nature
History & Philosophy of Science
Catholic Intellectual Life since 1600


Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
M.A., University of Notre Dame
B.A., University of Virginia


Dr. Christopher Blum teaches courses in philosophy and on the history of Catholic culture. He has made a special study of the moral dispositions, practices, and institutional forms that conduce to the attainment of Christian wisdom. This pursuit has been coupled with administration, curricular development, and college teaching in the traditional liberal arts, philosophy, and the great texts of the Catholic tradition. He has a particular interest in biology and the Aristotelian tradition that understands organisms as living wholes. As a student of Catholic culture, he has published five volumes of translations from the French as well as essays and reviews in journals such as Logos, Modern Age, Nova et Vetera, and Pro Ecclesia. Dr. Blum and his wife and their two children live in Littleton, Colorado.

Courses Taught

  • Evangelization of the Ancient World
  • The Challenge of Secularism
  • On Truth
  • The Church and Modernity (to be offered in January 2015)

Recent Publications

St. Francis de Sales, Roses among Thorns, edited and translated by Christopher O. Blum (Manchester, NH: Sophia Institute Press, forthcoming in May 2014).

Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, Meditations for Lent, edited and translated by Christopher O. Blum (Manchester, NH: Sophia Institute Press, 2013.

“The Prospect of an Aristotelian Biology,” forthcoming in the Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, from the 2013 annual meeting.

“A Fruitful Restraint: The Perennial Relevance of the Virtue of Studiousness,” Nova et Vetera, English edition 11 (2013): 953-68.

““The Promise of Newman’s Collegiate Ideal,” Logos, 16 (2013): 78-98.